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Spooky Savings Car Magnet Sale! 12" by 24" Car Sign Magnets $23.90 a pair! ** Sale can end at any time without notice. $8.95 Flat rate shipping. *UPS Ground Business Addresses only.
Home address deliveries add $3.00
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$8.95 Flat rate shipping. *UPS Ground Business Addresses only. Home deliveries add $4.00**Lower 48 states only. MagneticFAQ's

We specialize in making magnetic signs. We make Car magnets every day for customers all over the country. The average sign shop may get 1 or 2 orders a week. We make hundreds of Car Signs every week. They send them out. This is why the average shop charges $36.00 to $50.00 each for what we sell for $11.95 each! We use only the best made in the USA brands of magnetic material. A pair of Magnets 30 mill thick 12" x 24" is only $23.90!

Advertise effectively and inexpensively. Some companies say they are half the price of your local sign shop. Well we are about half the price of most of those on-line shops. There is no reason for these shops to be so high priced. A word about Vista Print. I have never had good results from them. The orders I placed with them for post cards were always wrong or of poor quality.

  • Keep your ads short and to the point.
  • Make the text as large as possible for the Sign Size.
  • In most cases. The service you are offering is the most important advertising point. Unless your business name is well known in your community. Service you are offering should be the top line on your sign.

Care of your car:

Take off your magnetic signs at least once a month and keep them clean. Do not scrub them. Make sure they are dry. Use a mild detergent. If you travel at over 70 mph. remove your car magnets and reset them.

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